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Chivalry Isn’t Dead… It’s Just Unconscious

So not too long ago I was making a run to the grocery store. I was sitting in the car gathering my thoughts… [one tube of cinnamon rolls or two?] I looked over and watched a car pull up with a black middle-aged woman and her teenaged son inside. The boy got out of the car. He was handsome, and was on his phone with undoubtedly a pretty female. All the while the woman (who I assumed to be his Mother) stayed seated inside. She was perched to get out, but her door remained firmly closed. Oh how sweet, I thought. His Mom must be handicapped. To my amusement, her son proceeded to open his Mother’s door to which the Mom said ‘thanks’ and hopped (unassisted) out of the car. Did I just witness chivalry at it’s finest?… From a teenaged black male no less.

My 1st reaction was irritation – Why in the hell couldn’t she open her own damn door? After thinking it over, I determined that although unconventional, she was teaching her son a valuable lesson: respect for women. I’m sure he’s learned to have the highest regard for the opposite sex; something that many parents in this day and age neglect to teach their young sons.

I ultimately felt that this was a practice that I may adopt for my own son, and Will agrees.  I may tweak it a little, but the lesson from that simple gesture is pretty invaluable in my opinion. Old school chivalry needs to be revived.. I’ll start in my home.

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