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Roll Over Dammit!

I started this blog in order to create a sounding board and a “cautionary tale” for new parents, old parents, potential parents and the like. Falling into the “new parent” (and some days the “never again” parent) category myself, I often wonder if I’m doing things right and if my children are developing like they’re supposed to. God forbid one of my kids ends up being the “slow kid” in class. Yeesh.

At about four months of age, most kids should be able to roll over from their front to their back and vice versa. Well my son is knocking on ten months, and whenever he unwittingly wound up on his back… this  is what he did:

… and this is how he laid until someone felt sorry for him and retrieved him from this undesirable position.

Jaxon is a strong little guy. He can do a mean leg-push off of the dining room table while in his high chair. His chair teeters on it’s two back legs brilliantly, and after you change your underwear, you can’t help but applaud his strength.. But crazily enough, he couldn’t turn over from his back to his front.

Will seemed to think that he was just a little lazy, and that Jaxon is the type of person who “will do things or he won’t” – no gray area or in-between. I, on the other hand, saw the ultimate “slow kid” lying on the floor and was wondering if buying him only name brand clothes would help deflect some of the teasing he’d be sure to receive. I began to just accept it.

Well today out of the blue, my son just… rolled over. He swung those chubby little legs of his to the side and flopped right over to his front. No fanfare, no pomp and circumstance – he just did it.

My lesson? Kids move at their own pace.
No need to freak.
No need to push.
…I’m still going to start that wardrobe just in case 😉

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Pink Dump Trucks and White Babies

Today I was on a quest – A quest to find my children their first gender specific toys. As I perused the toy aisles for the first time since I was an adolescent, I was reminded very quickly of how things were set up. My sight was flooded with a sea of pink as we turned down the “girl” aisle – Pink laptops, pink dolly’s, pink dump trucks. Screeeech. Hold on. Rewind… Pink dump trucks??
“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto”, I said to Will. (He didn’t get it.)
In the 80’s, I would’ve welcomed a bright pink dump truck. Back then it was unheard of. I was quite a bit of a tomboy, but was still a little princess at heart. For my worlds to have collided and manifested in a bright, shiny, pretty, pink, dump truck.. Well that would’ve been swell… But I digress.
I settled on a small, soft, bald-headed, Caucasian baby doll for Ari (there were no African American ones, but that’s a whole different post), and a florescent toy car for Jaxon.

When we got home, I handed my little tykes their new toy additions. Jaxon was so excited. Yay! My son is all boy! He found the closest smooth surface and started his tiny plastic vehicle on its course. Ari, on the other hand, was pissed. She wanted the toy car too apparently. It moves for cryin’ out loud! I kind of saw it all over her face. She wasn’t obvious or anything though..

The Twin’s 1st Gender Specific Toys

I felt terrible.

What Ari ended up with.

To impose what society dictates as “gender appropriate” toys on my children was unfair and was something that my parents never did to me. One day I may have wanted Barbie’s Dream House, but the next, I wanted to help put together a model toy car. My parents were always happy to oblige. That open-mindedness opened my eyes to so many things, and I was ultimately made a better person for it. I should give my children (especially my baby girl) the same opportunity. What if she actually preferred driving dump trucks to being a Mother? My son and daughter have a birthday in three months. I know exactly what I’ll get Ari 😉

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“People Say Photographs Don’t Lie… Mine Do”

A girlfriend of mine [in jest] asked me if I kept a camera in each room of the house. Cute. What can I say? I like taking pictures. Is it so bad that I appreciate the idea of catching a moment? With that being said, when I do make an attempt at capturing a Kodak moment, it’s not always the easiest of tasks.. It often takes a heck of a lot of tries (to my frustration) to get those awesome photos some of you see on Facebook. ie: the photo above. Jaxon looks bored as hell, Will insisted on getting their attention, and Ari just looked miserable… You can’t help but shake your head and laugh though 🙂

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Chivalry Isn’t Dead… It’s Just Unconscious

So not too long ago I was making a run to the grocery store. I was sitting in the car gathering my thoughts… [one tube of cinnamon rolls or two?] I looked over and watched a car pull up with a black middle-aged woman and her teenaged son inside. The boy got out of the car. He was handsome, and was on his phone with undoubtedly a pretty female. All the while the woman (who I assumed to be his Mother) stayed seated inside. She was perched to get out, but her door remained firmly closed. Oh how sweet, I thought. His Mom must be handicapped. To my amusement, her son proceeded to open his Mother’s door to which the Mom said ‘thanks’ and hopped (unassisted) out of the car. Did I just witness chivalry at it’s finest?… From a teenaged black male no less.

My 1st reaction was irritation – Why in the hell couldn’t she open her own damn door? After thinking it over, I determined that although unconventional, she was teaching her son a valuable lesson: respect for women. I’m sure he’s learned to have the highest regard for the opposite sex; something that many parents in this day and age neglect to teach their young sons.

I ultimately felt that this was a practice that I may adopt for my own son, and Will agrees.  I may tweak it a little, but the lesson from that simple gesture is pretty invaluable in my opinion. Old school chivalry needs to be revived.. I’ll start in my home.

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Things Are More Like They Are Today Than They Ever Were Before

Happy Labor Day! Not sure what I’m supposed to be doing, but I like this Holiday. The Fiance is off from work and a good friend is in town. All is right with the world. Everyone be safe!

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Random Rambling…

I’m a work-at-home Mom which may come to the surprise of many. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to make money and help support my family doing what I love: graphic design, and blogging. School is in my near future, but at present, a majority of my time is spent at home with my twins. I absolutely love it. With all that being said, there unfortunately comes a point where you unwittingly become a bit of a hermit. Going out into the outside world seems daunting and the only reason why I ever do so is so that my children don’t become un-socialized. Believe it or not, mingling with Patti Sue our grocery bagger works wonders for their cognitive development – but I digress.. I’m lazy now – So when it comes time for me to make a much needed trip to the grocery store, I attempt [and am usually successful at] duping  my dear fiance Will into going back out when he gets home from work… I love that man.

..But on this occasion, I needed some things from Target specifically which was 10 minutes further away.
Will wasn’t going for it. His response?:

“Either we all go, or you go, but I’m not going by myself!”
Who in the hell are we? The Cleavers? Why in the world would we all need to go? lol.

He’s such a funny man :/

P.S. Needless to say, we compromised. He went to the store across the street by himself 😉

Transgendered Kids

Last night I watched Transgendered Kids on the Style Network. The Mother of a 16 year old transgendered um.. boy was just hit on by her “son’s” male mentor… who happens to have been born a woman.
I’m so torn as to what my approach would be if my own son or daughter felt that they had been born in the “wrong body”. On one hand I know that my children’s happiness is at the forefront of my mind. I wouldn’t want them to be one of those people who chooses to take their own life because they’re just that miserable… But on the other hand I would have the obvious concerns of my child being pray to ridicule, hatred, and retaliation. The consensus was that most children diagnosed with what they called Gender Dismorphic Disorder would eventually just.. grow out of it. So what do you do? Support your child and praise them for being true to themselves and who they believe themselves to be? Or protect your child from society – possibly saving them from ridicule, pain, and falling victim to a potentially fatal hate crime? I honestly can’t say. Watch the clip below.

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So this fool found the video camera…

My parents sent us a video camera so that we could capture those “aww” moments. I purposely didn’t show my non-techy Fiance how to use it because I knew that this would happen.

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My Wonderful Dysfunctional Family

My babies don’t understand the concept of sharing quite yet. In the beginning, my daughter was a tyrant. – If her twin brother possessed something that she wanted — well.. hell hath no fury. Well now my son has quite a few ounces on his twin, and he proves it to her every chance he gets. Now it’s gotten to a point where we have little Wrestlemania events in the middle of our living room. Me and the fiance get quite a kick out of it each time, and I often chuckle at the thought of seeing those tiny fists and plastic car keys flying. We’re such a dysfunctional family… but are we? Continue reading

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Feeding Time With Daddy :s

This fool thinks he knows everything. I suppose I should be happy that this man wants to participate in feeding time, but I just want to shake him sometimes. I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

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