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Things Are More Like They Are Today Than They Ever Were Before

Happy Labor Day! Not sure what I’m supposed to be doing, but I like this Holiday. The Fiance is off from work and a good friend is in town. All is right with the world. Everyone be safe!

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Random Rambling…

I’m a work-at-home Mom which may come to the surprise of many. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to make money and help support my family doing what I love: graphic design, and blogging. School is in my near future, but at present, a majority of my time is spent at home with my twins. I absolutely love it. With all that being said, there unfortunately comes a point where you unwittingly become a bit of a hermit. Going out into the outside world seems daunting and the only reason why I ever do so is so that my children don’t become un-socialized. Believe it or not, mingling with Patti Sue our grocery bagger works wonders for their cognitive development – but I digress.. I’m lazy now – So when it comes time for me to make a much needed trip to the grocery store, I attempt [and am usually successful at] duping  my dear fiance Will into going back out when he gets home from work… I love that man.

..But on this occasion, I needed some things from Target specifically which was 10 minutes further away.
Will wasn’t going for it. His response?:

“Either we all go, or you go, but I’m not going by myself!”
Who in the hell are we? The Cleavers? Why in the world would we all need to go? lol.

He’s such a funny man :/

P.S. Needless to say, we compromised. He went to the store across the street by himself 😉

That’s Just My Baby Daddy

I got to thinking about this man that I’ve chosen to build my family with. He’s a pretty good guy. Statistics on black men are bleak to put it mildly. The majority are either in prison, illiterate, or on the ‘down low’… in that order. To think that I’ve found one who seems to love me and hold me and his family in the highest regard makes me pretty damn proud of myself. To watch him with our children is to watch pure love at it’s finest.

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Transgendered Kids

Last night I watched Transgendered Kids on the Style Network. The Mother of a 16 year old transgendered um.. boy was just hit on by her “son’s” male mentor… who happens to have been born a woman.
I’m so torn as to what my approach would be if my own son or daughter felt that they had been born in the “wrong body”. On one hand I know that my children’s happiness is at the forefront of my mind. I wouldn’t want them to be one of those people who chooses to take their own life because they’re just that miserable… But on the other hand I would have the obvious concerns of my child being pray to ridicule, hatred, and retaliation. The consensus was that most children diagnosed with what they called Gender Dismorphic Disorder would eventually just.. grow out of it. So what do you do? Support your child and praise them for being true to themselves and who they believe themselves to be? Or protect your child from society – possibly saving them from ridicule, pain, and falling victim to a potentially fatal hate crime? I honestly can’t say. Watch the clip below.

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So this fool found the video camera…

My parents sent us a video camera so that we could capture those “aww” moments. I purposely didn’t show my non-techy Fiance how to use it because I knew that this would happen.

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My Wonderful Dysfunctional Family

My babies don’t understand the concept of sharing quite yet. In the beginning, my daughter was a tyrant. – If her twin brother possessed something that she wanted — well.. hell hath no fury. Well now my son has quite a few ounces on his twin, and he proves it to her every chance he gets. Now it’s gotten to a point where we have little Wrestlemania events in the middle of our living room. Me and the fiance get quite a kick out of it each time, and I often chuckle at the thought of seeing those tiny fists and plastic car keys flying. We’re such a dysfunctional family… but are we? Continue reading

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My Future Husband

First comes love, then comes marriage — or at least that’s how the saying used to go. It’s a known fact that my lovey and I are not married. We are happily engaged and have been for almost a year now. We did things the unconventional way. A, dare I say, ‘trend’ among generation X’ers. We’d like to believe that we’re a ‘hip’ urban family. Although… Strangely Continue reading

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Where’d it go?

So me and my honey went out this past Friday on our date night. We try and do one of those at least once a month. I highly recommend it. We were trying decide between a movie or the club.. (Yes we still like to bump and grind on the dance floor from time to time.) Anyway, we decided to go and see Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz. As we pulled into the parking garage at Atlantic Station, I said “Babe, this is so nice being out with you without the kids. It’s romantic.” His reply… “Why can’t you be handicapped? We could’ve parked right there.” Ha!

My question of course is.. Where in the hell did the romance go? Now for those who know Will, statements like this can be heard from him on a regular basis, but would he really have been that oblivious a year ago?

Ever wonder why there was so much romance in the beginning of your relationship, but not now? Continue reading

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All I Can Say Is… Eww.

This may begin to sound a little juvenile and down right crass, but I’m sorry, he needs to be held accountable…

I walked into the bathroom the other day to handle my business. My dear Fiance has always been good about putting down the lid after he’s drained the weasel or dropped the kids off at the pool, so I oh so gingerly lifted the lid… and to my horror, Continue reading

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We are so happy to finally have this page up and running. It’s been a long time in the making. It all spawned from our need for attention and our super charged love for our family. Seriously – We have a story to tell, and we’re sure you’ll find it intriguing if for no other reason than because it’s a story that may be similar to your own. Our dream is for this to be an open forum for parents just like us – either married or single – to have a place to express their fears and air out their insecurities… A huge resounding “YOU’RE NOT ALONE!”

Most of it will be absolutely hilarious.. We’re just a funny couple by nature – what can I say. Once we get the hang of this blog thing, look forward to silly videos, our Comic Strip of the week, and whatever other silliness we come up with to share. If nothing else, whenever you have those moments with your partner where you stop.. look at each other… and both say with disbelief.. WE GOT KIDS – hop online and share it with us.

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