A Blog Is Born… About Us

Summer of 2008 I was deep into my modeling career and in the beginning stages of my graphic design business. Men were the furthest thing from my mind. Since high school I had been emphatically proclaiming my vow of no marriage and kids. Who had time for that? – I was determined to not be the norm. I went to visit my modeling agent at his office to discuss some business before a casting. When I walked in, I noticed Will immediately. (Maybe because he was the only other person in the room. lol) Will was cute, but unassuming. He was sitting at a desk reading the newest issue of JaDore Magazine. We chit-chatted as my agent puttered about. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested, but after learning that this was a business partner of my agent’s, I immediately relegated Will as off limits – I mean, no mixing business with pleasure right? I didn’t lay eyes on Will again until almost a year later…

My modeling agent had made some heavy moves over the year and was in the position to shoot a pilot for a television show. I went to support him and to take advantage of an opportunity to plug my growing graphic design business. It was to take place at a bar on April 22nd of 2009. As I walked in, I quickly noticed Will. “It’s good to see you again”, I told him. “It’s good to see you too” he replied with an interesting smirk and raised brow. After working the room and saying my hellos, I went and settled in at the bar. After ordering my customary Budweiser, I looked down the bar to see Will looking back. He raised his own Budweiser in a “do you want another?” gesture. I thought to myself, ‘this is a man after my own heart’. I told him I was good, but in a move that sealed the deal, he moved down the bar to the seat next to mine… December of 2010, I gave birth to our twins – a boy and a girl.. and on Christmas Day he proposed.. and so our family began.

We are so happy to finally have this page up and running. It’s been a long time in the making. It all spawned from our need for attention and our super charged love for our family. Seriously – We have a story to tell, and we’re sure you’ll find it intriguing if for no other reason than because it’s a story that may be similar to your own. Our dream is for this to be an open forum for parents just like us – either married or single – to have a place to express their fears and air out their insecurities… A huge resounding “YOU’RE NOT ALONE!”

Most of it will be absolutely hilarious.. We’re just a funny couple by nature – what can I say. Once we get the hang of this blog thing, look forward to silly videos, our Comic Strip of the week, and whatever other silliness we come up with to share. If nothing else, whenever you have those moments with your partner where you stop.. look at each other… and both say with disbelief.. WE GOT KIDS – hop online and share it with us.


One thought on “A Blog Is Born… About Us

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