Lawd, I’m Getting Too Old for This..

So a friend of a good friend of ours is a huge party promoter here in the Greater Atlanta area. We were ‘lucky’ [don’t know if that was the best word choice] to get an invite to an ‘invitation only’ First Fridays event at the Biltmore Hotel hosted by the rapper Ludacris. These events have always been fun for us and were early on, the basis of our budding relationship. We’re self proclaimed Atlanta Socialites if you will, and wear that title proudly. Sadly enough, I think we may need to consider turning in our socialite card and retire from the social scene soon. We just can’t hang like we used to… or maybe I can’t. Between my aching feet and the crowded conditions I longed for my crusty-faced twins and my little condo most of the night. Maybe it was the birth of my twins or Father Time, but I often wonder when I go to shindigs such as this… am I getting too old for this sh*t?..

After watching the video, seeing the awesome crowd and how super hot I looked – I won’t count myself out just yet 😉

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