Drive-bys, Toilet Water, and Doggy Doo

The family and I just got back from an eventful trip to the illustrious city of Birmingham, Alabama. This is where our good friend’s the Gilchrist’s have unfortunately had to relocate for business. I was excited about the trip outside of the obvious concerns of being a victim of a drive-by or of an old school tar and feathering (kidding). I also had concerns about space. They had to downsize dramatically from a spacious four bedroom house to a nice and cozy two bedroom apartment. How would the two families fare under these circumstances? I had no clue.

Within the 1st hour of arriving, their cute little Yorkie name Polo had unwittingly scared the crap out of my daughter, and my son had in turn scared the crap out of it… literally. I know because I stepped in it. An hour after that the toilet over flowed. All the while my daughter was getting whinier and whinier. (See 1st video – You can’t help but to giggle. I know. I’m terrible.) Doubts about the next couple of days were beginning to creep into my head. I had read prior that kids around the twin’s age  have problems adjusting to new situations. Separation anxiety comes into play and the break from routine can be hard. Jaxon was fine and seemed to be adjusting well, but Ari looked to be about on her 3rd stroke. What had I done?

As things began to calm down and we settled in, the days that followed were filled with tons of laughs and even more memories. Our merged families celebrated my Dear Fiance’s 33rd birthday in the best way: with food, drinks, lots of laughs, and a whole lot of love. My daughter finally adjusted to her new surroundings and in the process became one of my heroes. She is no longer afraid of dogs. She conquered her fear and not only stopped running from Polo, but would approach him with curiosity. I guess I need to stop reading so much. Every now and then it’s just better to do 🙂

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One thought on “Drive-bys, Toilet Water, and Doggy Doo

  1. Jessica says:

    Wh, with kids, does it always end up revolving around poo? Never fails…

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