Where’d it go?

So me and my honey went out this past Friday on our date night. We try and do one of those at least once a month. I highly recommend it. We were trying decide between a movie or the club.. (Yes we still like to bump and grind on the dance floor from time to time.) Anyway, we decided to go and see Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz. As we pulled into the parking garage at Atlantic Station, I said “Babe, this is so nice being out with you without the kids. It’s romantic.” His reply… “Why can’t you be handicapped? We could’ve parked right there.” Ha!

My question of course is.. Where in the hell did the romance go? Now for those who know Will, statements like this can be heard from him on a regular basis, but would he really have been that oblivious a year ago?

Ever wonder why there was so much romance in the beginning of your relationship, but not now? According to Karen Card a relationship coach, there may be a good reason. Most men, when presented with a challenge in their life, will focus strongly on the challenge until they have reached their goal or solved the problem. Then, feeling proud of their accomplishment, they sit back and relax, moving on when the next challenge arises. Unfortunately, many men look at relationships in the same manner. The woman he is dating is the challenge so he puts a lot of time, energy and focus into courting her until he has β€œwon” her. Once he is confident that she is committed to him, he has reached his goal and can now sit back and relax. This is very normal behavior for most men.

Men don’t realize that women need romance continuously in order to stay emotionally attached to the relationship. Regular date nights can be a key factor in keeping the relationship fresh and full of romance. Make sure that as a couple, you both make time for each other πŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Where’d it go?

  1. t says:

    I ask that question everyday!!! Sometimes he does surprise me! LOL

    • wegotkidz says:

      I think the surprises are what counts. If it were an every day thing I guess we wouldn’t appreciate it. But mine… He does more like a once a year thing. Lol!

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